College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (CCCE) of Henan University was originally founded in 1923 as the Department of Chemistry. The Engineering department was established in 1985,then in 1995, it renamed to the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. CCCE now comprises four academic departments and seven research institutes. Now CCCE has 140 faculty and staff members, including 39 full professors, 59 associate professors, 1 Special allowance recipient of the state council, 1 excellent expert in Henan province, 2 specially appointed professor in Henan province, 13 specially appointed professors at Henan University, 38 doctoral supervisors, 97 master supervisors and 96 teachers with doctoral degrees.

The College has three faculties of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials offering four undergraduate majors in chemistry, applied chemistry, materials chemistry, chemical engineering and technology. Among these majors, chemistry constitutes the national characteristic major, applied chemistry is the characteristic major in Henan Province and chemical engineering and technology is the reform pilot program of engineering education personnel training mode in Henan. The discipline group of nano-materials and devices is the dominant discipline in Henan Province. Chemistry is a provincial key subsidized subject, and chemical engineering and technology are provincial key disciplines. There are understanding of chemistry, spectrum analysis, analytical chemistry and other national and provincial quality courses. The College has also a post-doctoral research station of chemistry and doctorate authorization of chemistry in the primary discipline. There are three primary master's degree programs in chemistry, chemical engineering and technology, material science and engineering, and professional master's degree in subject teaching (chemistry). Currently, the College has a total of 935 undergraduates, 324 postgraduate students and doctoral students.

At present, CCCE laboratories cover an area of 30,000 square metres, possessing large instruments like X- ray single crystal diffractometer, Superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus, HPLC-MS spectrometry, the scanning electron microscope, Thermal analysis system and gel permeation chromatography-laser light scattering combined instrument. The total value of the instruments and equipment over 56 million yuan. CCCE publishes one academic journal-Chemistry Research, which is the the core journal in China's science and technology.

During the past years, CCCE has educated and trained a large number of chemists for the society. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates has been above 96% and the admission rate of students taking entrance examination for postgraduate schools has been up to about 50%. In the past five years, the College has undertaken 58 national natural science funds and 51 provincial and ministerial projects. 1213 academic papers have been published, including 782 in SCI and EI. The College has completed 7 articles and books,65 authorized patents and 149 awards of research achievements. Besides, the College attaches great importance to the combination of production, learning and research, and is committed to promoting industrial technological progress through the transformation of scientific research achievements. It also pays attention to academic exchanges and cooperation and has established a good cooperation relationship with many famous universities, research institutes and well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Many world-noted scholars have given lectures here. Every year teachers are sent to study abroad. It has host a series of high-level academic seminars.

Through persistent inheritance and promotion, the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering has gradually developed work spirit of solidarity, dedication and pursuit of excellence, striving spirit with aspirational, practical and perseverant style, research spirit with realistic, exact and thinking style, life spirit of diligence, generosity and indifference to fame and wealth, and strived to strengthen itself and worked hard for a first-class college. Looking ahead, the College will continue to carry forward its fine traditions, strive for innovation, and move towards the goal of building a high level research-based one.