Activities of Giving Party Lectures by the Leading Members in the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering



In the afternoon of April 11th, Li Guangmin, the party secretary and president of Kaifeng Dongda Chemical Co.,Ltd, China Pingmei Shenma Group and Zheng Jianqiang, the secretary of Chloroacetic Acid branch, went to the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering to conduct exchange studies and discuss cooperation for the establishment of an industrial incubation base. Li Qian, associate dean of the college, and people in charge of the relevant scientific research platform attended the exchange meeting. The meeting was hosted by the Party secretary Fang Meng.

After expressing his warm welcome to the arrival of secretary Li and his team, Fang Meng introduced the development history of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, as well as the situation of the faculty, academic development, scientific research and social services especially the achievements made for the social service in recent years. He also expressed his hope to further strengthen cooperation with Dongda Chemical Co.,Ltd, and provide more and more talents and technical support for the development of social economy.

After the introduction of the present situation of China Pingmei Group, and Kaifeng Dongda Chemical Group, Li Guangmin expressed his wiliness to take the advantage of the relocation of the factory area to make use of the high quality talent resources and scientific research advantages of Henan University to build the industrial incubation base and develop the downstream products of chlor-alkali to speed up the upgrading of the product, extend the industrial chain and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

The Associate Dean Prof. Li Qian, Professor Qiao CongZhen, Henan Province Waste Material Energy Engineering Technology Research Center, Prof. Ding Tao, Director of Engineering Laboratory of Flame Retardant and Functional Materials, the associate deans Prof. Fang Xiaomin and Prof. Xu Yuanqing, Professor Xu Ying, Director of Industrial Water Cycle Engineering Technology Research Center, Henan Provincer, they introduced their respective research fields and achievements, and reported the progress of cooperation projects with Dongda Chemical Co., Ltd.

Kaifeng Dongda Chemical Co., Ltd. is subordinate to one of the largest industrial enterprises in Henan, China Pingmei Shenma Group, which mainly produces chemical products such as liquid chlorine, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, chloroacetic acid, and sulfoxide. The company has maintained good cooperation with Henan University for a long time. The pilot platform for the cooperation of two sides is currently under construction and various projects are also progressing smoothly.