Activities of Giving Party Lectures by the Leading Members in the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


        The Party Committee of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering has continued to promote practical education and learning activities on the theme of "Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind" and “Two Studies, One Action”. In the afternoon of April 19th, according to work plans of the Party committee of the college in 2018, the party lesson based on the theme of "office-level cadres give party lectures—learning the new Party Constitution", was organized and carried out. The leading members of the college went deep into all the party branches of the faculty, and carried out the special party lecture activities for all the party members in the conference rooms of 241, 220, 526, 226 respectively.


In the early period of the study, through the serious organization and reasonable arrangement of the Party committee of the college, all Party members, especially party members and cadres above the middle level, are required to carefully study the core, foundation, key and essence of the party constitution, and to make a good example for the masses of the staff and workers. Party members, teachers and students should proceed from the Party Constitution and follow the Party Constitution. They must continue to further promote the normalization and institutionalization of the study and education of "two studies and one action," conscientiously study the Party Constitution, and strive to be outstanding party members.


In the special learning of the Party lecture, on the theme of “learning and implementing the new Party Constitution, and striving to be outstanding party members ”, the leading members of our college looked back at the development path of the Party Constitution of the Communist Party of China, which mainly revolve around three aspects, “The great significance of the revision of the party constitution of the Nineteenth Congress, the major revisions of the Party Constitution, and the problems that should be grasped when studying the new Party Constitution." All party members must have a deep understanding of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and president Xi ’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era. To learn the new Party Constitution, it is imperative to study it word-by-word, repeatedly, deeply, and carefully grasp its connotations.


Afterwards, various party branches carried out lively discussions around the Party Constitution, the schools and construction “double first-rate” university.

After attending party lessons and discussion in groups, the participants said that they have benefited greatly from this party lesson. In the future, they will further strengthen the theoretical studies, upgrade party spirit, and take practical actions to become qualified party members.