Degree Programs(undergraduate)


2020 Undergraduate Program

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Program Introduction

Students are required to complete the curriculum within 3 to 7 years and fulfill the designated number of credits and pass a thesis defense. Successful graduates will receive a graduation certificate along with the bachelor’s degree, according to Degree Committee regulations.

BA in Chemistry

The Chemistry major, with its emphasis on research skill development, builds on a core of courses covering the principal areas of chemistry (analytical, organic, physical, inorganic, and biochemistry). Advanced courses cover the emerging areas of materials, computational, and biological chemistry, with training on research instrumentation in advanced, project-oriented laboratory courses that enable the students to explore the areas of chemistry that most interest them. Chemistry majors are exceptionally well prepared for graduate education, careers in chemical research, teaching, the chemical industry, or regulatory agencies, and, as a premedical track, for professional training in medicine and related health fields. The vast majority of our majors participate in research, with publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Major Info

Chemistry:recruit students 160.

Chemical engineering and technology (include Applied Chemistry):recruit students 60.

Tuition Fee (per year):

5,000 RMB

Contact Information

Room 223, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,

Henan University, Kaifeng, 475004,

People’s Republic of China

Tel: (+86-371)-23881589