Brief introduction to the "Excellence Plan" class of 2020


I. Introduction to the subjects and majors of the experimental class

Chemical engineering and technology specialty of Henan University was founded in 1985. It approved the secondary discipline master degree in 2006 and named as provincial key disciplines in 2008. In 2010, it achieved discipline authorized to offer master degree program. The first level 1 subject of chemical engineering and technology was chosen as the key subject of Henan province in 2012 and 2018 consecutively.

A number of excellent courses including "Spectrum Analysis" national bilingual demonstration course have been built. It also constructs the state-level scientific research platformnano-hybrid material application technology national united engineering research center, and provincial scientific research platform, such asenergy waste resources in Henan province engineering technology research center,flame retardant and functional materials engineering laboratory in Henan province,industrial water recycle engineering technology research center of Henan province.

Chemical engineering and technology level of academic degree authorization centers have a scholar by the central plains, provincial distinguished professor, led by Dr Zhang, middle-aged and young teachers as the backbone, reasonable structure, high level of teachers in teaching and scientific research, there are 12 professors, associate professor of 28 people, PhD graduates 30 people, with overseas education background, research of teacher 8 people. There are 3 doctoral supervisors and 36 master supervisors in the tutor team.

After many years of discipline construction with the direction of concise, has formed catalysis, chemical engineering, process engineering of materials, technology, features in intermediate products and high polymer material engineering, relatively stable research direction and completed some landmark achievement, in the engineering science basic research, applied research, personnel training and social services had a positive social impact.

In recent five years, 198 papers were published, 4.5 for all teachers. 87 papers were included by SCI and EI, 2 for teachers; 2 provincial and ministerial awards; There are 27 invention patents. To undertake a sub-project of the National 973 Program; One sub-project of the National Science and Technology Support Plan; Ministry of Education project 1; 15 national Natural Science Funds; 28 local government projects; Enterprises and institutions entrusted 5 projects.

The chemical Engineering and Technology major of Henan University was selected into the National "Shuangwan Plan" -- the first-class undergraduate major of Henan Province in 2019. After nearly 40 years of development, the major has achieved fruitful results in education and teaching.

(1) Clear training objectives. This major national strategic needs, social development, discipline frontier and its own advantages, actively adjust the development ideas, cultivate a strong spirit of patriotism, social responsibility, good moral culture and a healthy body and mind quality, innovative and strong practical ability, can in the chemical, energy, metallurgy, environmental protection, material, information, biological engineering, light industry, pharmaceutical, food and military industry and other departments engaged in technology research and development, production management, engineering design, scientific research work of professional and technical personnel, etc.

(2) Obvious professional characteristics. This professional implementation of the "excellence initiative", 2011 approved "engineering education of undergraduate course of common colleges and universities in henan province pilot professional talent training mode reform" (1.0) excellence initiative, in May 2020, approved by the "new technical research and practice of project, engineering of henan province under the background of chemical professional personnel training mode innovation research and practice" (2.0) excellence initiative, approved in 2018 colleges and universities in henan province outstanding teaching at the grass-roots level. In recent years, combined with the national innovation-driven development strategy and the discipline's own advantages, the major has actively implemented the upgrading and transformation of the traditional major. Features a nanotechnology project for training and professional direction, to henan university over the years accumulated in nanotechnology engineering aspects of high level research results and the stability of the platform as the foundation, focusing on preparation and application of nanometer materials such as chemical engineering problems in the process of industrialization, cultivating nanotechnology engineering in urgent need of talents in our country.

(3) Strong faculty. More than 80% of the full-time teachers have a doctor's degree. The academic structure of the teaching staff is reasonable. More than 60% of the teachers have the study experience in top universities and institutes of chemistry and chemical engineering at home and abroad. 6 teachers have working experience in large and medium-sized chemical enterprises; In recent five years, more than 10 teachers have won the first prize and second prize in the teaching competition. More than 70% of the teachers are Party members with high political quality. They actively implement curriculum ideology and politics, and have published many teaching and research papers related to curriculum ideology and politics.

(4) Excellent quality. In recent years, the admission rate of graduates has been stable at over 45%, and most of them go to the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the two top universities. Many alumni have grown into technical backbone, industry leaders and leading talents. Nearly five years more than 100 students in the national "challenge cup", "chemical design competition", "chemical industry environmental protection design competition", "chemical safety design competition", "principles of chemical engineering experiment competition", "Internet + chemical reaction engineering" lesson mould design contest, "national college students' English contest" and "college students' mathematical contest in modeling" subjects such as race, has achieved excellent results.

(5) Perfect training system. This major fully implements the concept of goal-oriented engineering education certification, pays attention to goal-oriented and all-round development of students in the training process, provides quality education and teaching resources for the "Excellence Plan" class, and provides students with academic tutors, innovation tutors and practice tutors. The curriculum includes chemistry, chemical engineering, nanometer, process strengthening and other main courses to cultivate students' ability to solve complex engineering problems. In the second year of university, I entered the national scientific research platform and started to engage in scientific research. In the fourth year of university, I entered the provincial professional incubator to receive entrepreneurship training. During the training process, the internship of enterprises runs through the whole process.

II. Enrollment plan

In 2020, 20 students will be selected to form "Excellent planning class", and some courses will be taught separately.