Undergraduate Enrollment in 2020


I. Introduction to the College

Long history: The College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering was founded in 1923

Complete training system: The college has 4 undergraduate majors, namely chemistry, Applied Chemistry, material Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering and Technology, among which chemistry is the national first-class major and the national characteristic major, chemical Engineering and Technology is the provincial first-class major, and applied Chemistry is the provincial characteristic major. The school has a post-doctoral research station in chemistry, a first-level doctoral degree program in chemistry, two first-level master's degree programs in chemistry, chemical Engineering and Technology, a master's degree program in curriculum and teaching theory, and a master's degree program in discipline teaching (chemistry). There are more than 900 undergraduates, nearly 300 master students and more than 20 doctoral students. "Near Chemistry" is a national open video course, a national quality education elective for college students and an online open course of Henan Province, "Spectrum Analysis" is a national bilingual teaching demonstration course, and "Analytical Chemistry" and "Chemical And Chemical Software" are excellent resource-sharing courses of Henan Province. The nanomaterials and devices science group is a dominant and characteristic discipline of Henan Province, chemistry is a provincial key funded discipline, and chemical engineering and technology is a provincial key discipline.

Strong teaching group:college of chemistry, chemical engineering, polymer science, department of applied chemistry four, existing staff 140 people, including 39 is a senior pharmacist), high title 59 people, the State Council special allowance winner 1 person, 1 provincial outstanding experts, provincial 1 distinguished professor, henan university "outstanding talents, dc support plan" the fourth level 1 distinguished professor, 3 Yellow River scholar, school 9 distinguished professor, doctoral supervisor 29 people, master unripe adviser, 93 people, has a doctorate in 94 teachers.

Excellent scientific research conditions: Relying on the college, it has established 8 provincial and departmental level or above scientific research institutions, such as the National And local Joint Engineering Research Center for Nano-hybrid Materials Application Technology and Henan Key Laboratory of Multi-acidification science. The academic journal "Chemical Research" is the core journal of Chinese science and technology. The existing laboratory has a building area of 30,000 square meters, with X-ray single crystal diffractometer, superconducting NUCLEAR magnetic resonance instrument, high performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometer, scanning electron microscope, thermal analysis system and other large instruments, with a unit price of more than 100,000 yuan and a total value of 42 million yuan.

Frequent international exchanges: the college invites experts from home and abroad to make more than 100 reports every year, and holds international and domestic academic conferences, providing a window for students to look out. Every year, the college will send more than 20 outstanding students to overseas universities for international exchanges in the form of "summer camp", "winter camp", "Dream Program" and "Xiangyang Scholarship".

Good employment situation: in recent years, the postgraduate recommendation rate of college graduates is about 10%, the further study rate (graduate study and abroad) is more than 50%, and the employment rate reaches over 99%.

II. Enrollment plan

In 2020, the college will recruit students according to different categories, including chemistry and applied Chemistry. After admission, the new students will be divided into specific majors according to their own wishes.

Name of major (class) Division of class plan

Chemistry (070301) Science and Engineering 160

Chemical Engineering

and Technology (081301) Science and Engineering 60

Chemistry major: national first-class major, key funded discipline of Henan Province. Basic knowledge of chemistry, chemical major to cultivate the basic theory and basic skills, with strong education teaching ability, to grasp the progress of modern chemical frontier knowledge have wide knowledge, can outstanding teachers of chemistry teaching in middle school and have the ability of scientific research, management of chemical. The bachelor of Science degree is awarded to students who complete their studies in three to seven years of a four-year basic course.

Applied Chemistry: Characteristic major of Henan Province. Applied chemistry specialty training with a solid chemical basic theory, knowledge and experimental skills and practice ability, broad knowledge, has innovation consciousness and the preliminary scientific research ability, can in the chemical enterprises, scientific research institutions engaged in production of fine chemical products and technology development, product testing, production management and service of science and technology work applied senior specialized talents. Students can complete their studies in three to seven years and receive a bachelor of Engineering degree.

Chemical Engineering and Technology: A first-class major in Henan Province, a provincial key discipline, and a pilot program of training mode reform in Engineering education in Henan Province. Chemical engineering and technology professional training to master the basic principle of chemical production technology, professional skills and research methods, process equipment, process control and industrial economy management and relevant business knowledge, can in the chemical, petrochemical, energy, light industry, medicine and environmental protection departments engaged in product development and evaluation, process and device design and amplification, production process control, management and scientific research work of senior engineering and technical personnel. Students can complete their studies in three to seven years and receive a bachelor of Engineering degree.

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