The second batch of teaching post-doctoral assessment report held


The second batch of teaching post-doctoral assessment report held

On December 28, the second teaching post-doctoral assessment report in 2020 was held in room 220. Xin-chen Wang, the vice president of Fuzhou University, also the winner of both National Outstanding Youth Fund and Changjiang-scholar-award of the Ministry of Education was invited as the chairman of the meeting. Two off-campus experts were also invited, including Hai-long Jiang and Shou-tian Zheng, the former of which is the winner of National Outstanding Youth Fund and the professor of China Cniversity of Science and Technology, while the latter is the winner of Changjiang-scholar-award of the Ministry of Education and the professor of Fuzhou University. Jing-yang Niu, the director of Henan Key Lab of Polyoxometalate Chemistry, and Yan Bai, the dean of College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Henan University were invited as the school evaluation experts. The meeting was chaired by Yuanqing Xu, Vice dean of CCCE.

Yan Bai spoke first on behalf of the college. Yang Kai and Zhang Yahong, postdoctoral fellows of the faculty, respectively conducted the outbound assessment, while Wang Dan and Usman Farooq, postdoctoral fellows of the foreign faculty, conducted the mid-term assessments. The four doctors in turn presented the achievements made during the station, as well as the research plan to be carried out further, etc. The assessment experts asked questions respectively, discussed the problems in the work, and gave some suggestions. After the conclusion of the report, the assessment expert group discussed and unanimously agreed that the four passed the assessment.

After the briefing, three experts from outside the school gave academic reports to the teachers and students respectively.

Wang Xin-chen's report is entitled "Carbon nitride Photocatalysis". In the report, he explained the synthesis methodology and photocatalytic mechanism of graphite phase carbon nitride, and emphatically introduced the adaptation system, modification, new application prospect of carbon nitride as a photocatalyst, and it can be extended to the photocatalytic synthesis of other polymers.Their research group has not only made great progress in basic research of carbon nitride, but also made great breakthroughs in industrial application.

Zheng Shou-tian's report is entitled "Synthesis of High-nucleus Niobium Polyacids". In the report, he introduced the synthesis strategy of high-kernel niobium polyacid, and pointed out that the synthesis of this structure was based on the aggregation assembly of the precursor of high-kernel niobium polyacid cluster, and there were no soluble acid ions and acid soluble metal oxides in the niobium polyacid system.

Jiang Hailong's report is entitled "Metal nanoparticle /MOF composite Catalytic Materials". He introduced his research work in detail from three aspects: accurate synthesis and structure regulation of MOF materials, establishment of characterization methods, and structure-activity relationship.